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„TiP Calculator Pro“ IOS App. Saving money with "TiP Pro" Version because tip is calculated from the bill price minus tax, as usually done.

As usually done Tip Pro calculates from the net price !

1. enter taxes in tax1 and/or in tax2

2. enter gross amount from Bill in the field „Bill“

3. press „calc.“ for calculation

4. enter number of „party“ for group splitting

5. change the percent of tip with the slider or change it with the plus / minus button

6. round the amount „Total“ or „Split“

Tip: with "Rounder" and tip "plus" or "minus" you can easy adjust to any value 

Remarks: For simplification of various different tax calculations the App subtracts tax1 and a possible tax2 (state and/or local taxes) from the gross amount of the bill. With this (net) value the percent of tip is calculated. The App then adds the tip to the „Bill amount“ and displays the „Total“ or „Split“.


"TiP Calculator" IOS Apps.

TiP Calculator

1. enter amount of a Bill in the field „Bill“

2. press „calc.“ for calculation

3. enter number of party for group splitting

4. change the percent of tip  with the slider or change it with the plus / minus button

5. round the amount „Total“ or „Split“

6. with the rounder and tip plus or minus
    you can easy adjust to any value


"VAT Calculator" IOS App

VAT Calculator

1. enter any two fields of 

„VAT“, „net Price“, „tax“ or „Price incl. tax“

other two fields will be calculated

2. start calculation with button "calculate" or tap anywhere

3. „reset“ clears calculation

4. hold VAT switch keeps entered VAT


install links: active on or TiP Calculator (inactive on website out of IOS App)

TiP Calculator Pro

TiP Calculator

VAT Calculator